Indian Lands Registry System (ILRS)

Please read and acknowledge the Privacy Notice and Acceptable Use Policy below before proceeding into the Lands Registry System.

Privacy Notice

By entering this system, I acknowledge the following:

  • I understand that all personal information I provide in this system is protected under the Privacy Act.

By agreeing to the terms of this Notice and Policy, I understand I am contributing the following personal information:

  • My contact information, that I enter and update myself, that will be visible to other users of the system.
  • Audit Trail information on my activities on the system, which is automatically collected on all system actions, and visible to the system manager and other administrators of the system.
  • Session cookies may be stored on my workstation to enable the secure service to recognize me throughout the course of a particular session. These cookies are no longer used after my session is complete (i.e., I have logged off or disconnected.)

I understand that any personal information collected through these means will be used only for the following purposes:

  • To comply with basic records and information management policies of the department for effective record keeping.
  • To provide support to me and other participants on the system in the case that we encounter technical or other problems using the system.
  • To enable the project administrator to moderate work processes and monitor for inappropriate use of the service.

I understand that all information I provide through my contributions to the AANDC Land Registry will be stored on an AANDC server and the records will become the property of AANDC. The records will be managed according to departmental information management policies. This includes all applicable Privacy and Access to Information legislation. The records will be retained for the life of the Registry.

Acceptable Use Policy

I also agree to abide by the following Acceptable Use Policy:

  • The AANDC Land Registry is for authorized business use only.
  • The system may be accessed by authorized participants only.
  • Participants will protect and not share their credentials (user ID, password, etc.) with others or allow records of their credentials to be viewed by unauthorized individuals.
  • Information registered in the system is public information. Participants agree to not enter private or confidential information in the system.
  • Participants will protect and manage information obtained from the system to prevent unauthorized use.
  • Participants will access the service from personal or organizational workstations that are not intended for public use. This is intended to reduce the likelihood that user credentials or other sensitive information could be cached on the workstation and accessed by unauthorized individuals.

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